Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The week the Lord has made

I've had one of those weeks. You know the kind: you're rolling along, enjoying the sun on your face, not a cloud in the sky....

Then out of nowhere comes a bit of bad news. The "bad news" isn't even really that bad; it's just a little cloud over the sun that shone on your life a few minutes earlier, but it's enough to rock you back on your heels. You take a little breath and start to regain your balance...and another piece of bad news comes blowing in from the south, gusting at about 35 miles per hour. Not so bad as Oklahoma wind gusts go, but since you were already off balance this gust knocks you to your knees. It's starting to look a little darker outside your window, but the weather could hold out. After all, your personal forecast didn't call for rain.

You take a deeper breath and get one foot under you, and then the phone rings. Fortunately, it is clipped to your belt, so at least you don't twist an ankle rushing to answer it. But after taking that call the clouds move in so quickly you would swear sunset has come early.

From then on, every little thing you hear - even if it does not directly affect you - further darkens the sky. You start to convince yourself that you don't deserve to walk in the sunshine. If you did, these bad things wouldn't be happening. Surely you have done something wrong to bring this down on yourself.

By the time the rain starts to fall, you don't even bother to drag out your umbrella. It's probably broken, anyway.

I stopped memorizing Bible verses when I grew too old for vacation Bible school. There were no longer prizes for knowing the most verses at the end of the week, so I chose to use my memory for other things. Thank God some brain cells refuse to be reformatted; otherwise, I would have lost this verse from the Psalms:

This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Something odd is happening. It's pouring rain, but the sky is inexplicably lighter. This small glimmer of light is just enough for you to realize that no matter how bad things are, they aren't as bad as they could be. And now the deluge is lessening to a heavy shower... a soft rain... a sprinkle... and now the clouds part and you see the most beautiful rainbow against the receding black clouds.

The forecast for this weekend? Mostly sunny with a chance of torrential rain. Sounds beautiful to me.


  1. At least it isn't cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  2. I think Ian wants to see that movie. He keeps hinting at it in his oh-so-subtle 10-year-old boy way.